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We act as Correspondent for a number of International Group Clubs as well as other P&I Insurers, providing immediate expert assistance and advice on marine insurance matters throughout Greece and its environs. Whatever your issue we will do our best to help or find someone who can!

Opposite are some examples of recent cases we have handled. 

cargo damage & shortage claims

A shortage from a cargo of grain was discovered during discharging and the Receivers sought to arrest the vessel for security of their claim. We were able to negotiatie a speedy settlement and thus prevented the vessel’s arrest. This was particularly important as the vessel had been sold and an arrest would have delayed her delivery to her new Owners, thus incurring further losses.

collision & damage claims

A container vessel made contact with a fixed gantry crane during berthing. We were able to get the terminal to accept a scanned LoU so ensuring no delay to the vessel’s schedule. We then monitored repairs, assessed the terminal’s business interruption claim and reached a suitable settlement.

non-contact damage

At the height of summer, a cruise ship entered the harbour of a small island too fast and its wash damaged two fishing vessels upon which much of the island’s hospitality industry depended. After careful negotiation, a settlement was quickly reached with the owners of the fishing vessels thus enabling them to repair their vessels quickly and return to work with minimal disruption to the island’s economy and no adverse publicity for the Member.


Following the grounding of a container vessel, we managed the appointed surveyors and legal counsel who investigated the circumstances surrounding the grounding and attended the refloating efforts. Once refloating proved unsuccessfu, arrangements were made for the discharging and re-loading of her containers at Peiraeus. Prompt action ensured that over 300 containers were recovered and forwarded with minimal delay and little, if any, damage to their contents.

personal injury & death

A crew member suffered a heart attack and after a period of hospitalisation, passed away. Our close contact with the family on Owner’s behalf meant that a fair settlement based on his contract of employment was reached thus avoiding lengthy and unecessary legal costs had they wrongly elected to seek damages in tort.

pollution, environmental damage & clean-up

An oil spillage occurred during bunkering requiring immediate containment and clean up. Prompt appointment of a surveyor to liaise with and supervise the clean up contractors; investigation of the incident and early instructions to legal counsel ensured that the ship’s crew were acquitted of negilgence and that only small statuatory fines were imposed.


A cargo vessel caught fire at a small island in the South Aegean and once under control, we arranged for a surveyor and fire expert to attend to investigate the circumstances. We also assisted in the collation of documentation and liaised with the Owners to enable a speedy towage of the vessel once the fire was extinguished ensuring minimal disruption to the locals as well as ensured a clear, co-ordinated response with the relevant Authorities.

armed robbery

A vessel undergoing repairs was targeted by armed robbers in the early hours and a large quantity of custom made engine parts were taken. Fortunately no one was hurt, however we liaised with the local Authorities to investigate the matter as well as working closely with the Owners to establish the total physical and financial loss.


During an attack in Africa a Greek crewman was killed and another two kidnapped, one with serious injuries. Released after a month, we handled all elements relating to their medical care as well as the compensation due to them and the next of kin. Our careful, sensitive approach meant that apart from ensuring that the media were kept away from the crewmembers during their recovery, no formal litigation was commenced and compensation was fair to all parties.

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Please feel free to talk to us about whatever your issue may be. Our years of experience has provided us with extensive knowledge and the resources to handle all kind of marine claims.