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our ethics

We take great pride in our tradition and founding principles of treating all parties we represent with absolute integrity, transparency and loyalty.

As part of our commitment to being a leader in the field of corporate ethics, we are proud to be a founder member of the European P&I Correspondents (EPIC). EPIC is a group of companies situated within Europe with shared values who are engaged in providing professional claims, insurance and consultancy services to the Marine and Transport Industry.

EPIC’s Code of Conduct was co-written by its founder members which included our founder Peter Jones and our partner Alan McLean, both of whom have served as Chairmen of the group. The organisation’s values echo our own and are reproduced below.

the EPIC code of conduct

  • Never act without the authority or agreement of your Principal.

  • All potential conflicts must be reported to your Principals.

  • Always ensure that the Members’/Insurers’ interests and not your own are being served.

  • Do not accept hidden commissions from surveyors or other parties appointed on the  Association/Members’ behalf.

  • At all times respect the Principal’s relationship with their insured and do not actively disturb this relationship to the benefit of another Principal.